Frequently Asked Questions

Ansys GPT is a conversational, AI virtual assistant to support your use of Ansys products and services. AnsysGPT leverages industry leading generative AI technology to answer questions about Ansys products, relevant physics, and engineering topics, in a simple, easy to use tool.

Generative AI refers to a subset of artificial intelligence that uses patterns and structures from training datasets to generate new data that has similar features.

Users submit prompts to the chatbot that are related to Ansys products and services and AnsysGPT will respond and provide supporting documentation for its answers. AnsysGPT is not a search tool, but generates new responses based on prompts submitted by the user. The user will receive supporting documentation that AnsysGPT used to respond to the prompt as part of their answers.

AnsysGPT dataset draws from the Ansys created, developed, or licensed data that include, but is not limited to, Ansys Courses, articles, videos, webinars, product documentation, and other Ansys content.

Think of AnsysGPT as a 24/7 support engineer that can help answer questions about Ansys products. You should independently review and verify all AnsysGPT output to determine whether it is appropriate for any or all use cases or applications.

Yes. Do not submit any information that is (1) confidential to you, your employer, or any third party, (2) sensitive personal data, (3) information that U.S. Government Classified, Controlled Unclassified Information, International Traffic in Arms Regulators (ITAR) or Export Administration Regulators (EAR) controlled or otherwise have been determined by the United States Government or by a foreign government to require protection against unauthorized disclosure for reasons of national security, or other information prohibited by the AnsysGPT Access Agreement or AnsysGPT Terms of Use.

Ansys monitors the use of AnsysGPT to evaluate performance and prevent misuse of the platform. Ansys does not train the underlying large-language model or the corresponding Ansys datasets with any prompts submitted, or output generated and returned by AnsysGPT.

As part of the AnsysGPT Access Agreement, you received a license to use AnsysGPT and any output generated or returned by AnsysGPT for your company’s internal business purposes. To the extent that any output contains or is based on Ansys background IP, Ansys retains rights, title, and interest in and to such output and related background IP.

AnsysGPT is currently only available to select customers with active Ansys software subscriptions. You will receive an email with instructions on how to activate AnsysGPT once your access has become available.

If you have active Ansys software subscription but are not yet granted access, you can contact your account managers to request for an expedited access.

Ansys does not provide any warranty whatsoever (implied or expressed) for any users using AnsysGPT.


Kindly let us know through the feedback form on the kind of data that you need, and we will prioritize on what we can do.

If your response is taking more than a minute to start streaming or if it gets stuck in the middle for a long time, please refresh your page and try asking again.

If you receive an error message as a response, follow the instructions provided in the message. If the message asks you to clear chat and try again, please do so. If the error message doesn't specify what to do, simply refresh the page.